Shalom College P & F Association

This section of the website is about introducing our families to the Shalom College P&F Association and keeping you informed about our activities. It will also assist you in nominating a College Community Activity where you can volunteer - let us know how you can help.

President's Welcome

On behalf of the Parent and Friends Association I welcome you to the Shalom College Community for 2018. The P & F Association is an essential part of the Shalom College Community and as a Shalom parent you are automatically a member. The P & F provides parents with a valuable opportunity to:

- Be involved in college activities;
- Be informed about and provide input into various school policies and procedures;
- Support wherever possible the acquisition of various equipment and resources to continue to improve the educational environment for the students, educators and families of Shalom; and
- Generally, have a say in what's happening.

The P & F Association continues to contribute significantly to the welfare of the College and its Community. Throughout 2017 contributions of approximately $104500 have been made in the following areas.

Donating funds towards:

The Bundaberg Edmund Rice Camp (once again facilitated by Shalom staff with the assistance of past and present Shalom students); a large number of Non-Government organisations as part of the Shalom Cambodia Trip and sponsorship for the 15th Annual Ecumenical Lunch – Helping the Homeless.

Providing financial assistance for the acquisition or construction of specific items/projects within the college such as:

Cyber Safety, School TV, Screenager and Financial Literacy resources for students and parents, a piano for the Chapel, a flexible furniture package, continued acknowledgement programs for sporting representatives, volunteers and College Captains and the construction of a reflection garden and establishment of an after-school activities program in 2018

Overseeing and funding the "Helping Hands" project – where healthy, hearty meals (prepared by the Shalom Hospitality Department) and/or gift vouchers are provided to families in times of bereavement and crisis. Throughout 2017 approximately 30 have been distributed to Shalom families.

These projects are funded by two main sources, namely the P & F levy ($15 per term) and the Sunday Markets Coffee Shop, which is staffed predominantly by parent volunteers. Parent commitment to the Coffee Shop remains vital and is best achieved through our current roster system. If all families are able to attend shifts at the Coffee Shop, then each family would need only work two shifts per year (6 hours in total) to ensure a complete roster. The money raised from both the Levy and Coffee Shop goes directly to the College, which in turn benefits the entire College community.

To promote an equitable contribution from P & F members to the College Community we strongly encourage and anticipate that each Shalom family will commit to at least one Volunteer area each year thus providing the College with at least 6 - 10 hours of volunteer time per family per year.

A very simple and convenient SHALOM COLLEGE PARENT VOLUNTEER FORM outlining the three areas in which the P & F is active and requires your support and assistance is attached to this letter.

Finally, I encourage and extend an invitation to all parents and friends to attend our monthly P & F Meetings which are held on the first Tuesday of the Month at 5.30pm. Please check the school calender for details of exact dates. All meetings are held in the staff room - entrance between the Administration Building and the Performing Arts Complex. Our first meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th February with the AGM taking place a month later on the 6th March 2018.

Amazing things can be achieved when the P & F and the College Administration and Educational team work together towards common goals. To continue this great work, the Shalom P & F need people from all walks of life, with a range of ideas, thoughts and suggestions who are committed to delivering great outcomes for our students and the college. Everybody has a role to play and your ideas will be heard. The more people involved — the more exciting and successful it will be.

Yours faithfully,

Paul Wilkinson

2018 P & F President