Student Absentees

If you child is absent, please contact the College via e-mail or call the below contact number;   

Please include your student’s name, the reason for the absence and expected date of return to school.

Absentee E-mail

Absentee Line

+61 7 4155 8181

Student Attendance Register

Students in Years 11 & 12, will return to school on Monday May 11, while students in Years 7 - 10 will continue remote learning at home.

Children of essential workers and vulnerable children are still able to attend school.

If you have a child in Years 7, 8, 9 & 10 who will be attending school please fill out the relevant Google form below.

This Google document will be printed each morning at 7.45 am and used as the roll for the day for Years 7 - 10 Students. If your child has to attend school please make sure they are aware that their name needs to be marked off on the roll each morning before attending classes. If you have indicated on the Google Form that your child will be attending school and they are not marked off on the roll you will receive an SMS notification.

If your circumstances change and your child will/will not be attending school please resubmit the Google form with the updated days of attendance.

Week 5, Term 2 Mon 18 - 22 May Year 7 to 10 Attendance Register