23 Feb 2018

Time: 3:15pm-5pm

Place: Shalom College Oval

Important information regarding Colour Fun:

• We have more than 550 students registered to participate!

• If there is rain on Friday, we will need to postpone the event. As funny as it would be in the rain, it would mean than there would be students and staff with colourfully stained skin for weeks!

• If we do postpone, it will be on the next available sunny Friday

• Please note: there will not be refunds distributed if the event is postponed and this results in attendance by someone being no longer possible. We need to remember that it is a weather contingent event and we have zero control over this; it is a charity fundraiser; shirts are already distributed

• As mentioned earlier, students who are on camp will still be able to get their shirts from me on their return – same goes for students who are absent when they are or have been handed out. Affected students just need to come and see Claire Stallard at lunchtime on their return to school.

• Info regarding clean-up – we use coloured powder (it is cornflour and completely safe):

o The best plan for clean up is to plan ahead – have a towel to wipe excess powder off bodies and clothes before getting into the car (an extra towel to sit on is a great idea too)

o The bulk of the coloured powder wipes off very easily and the rest will come off in the shower; to ensure that skin doesn't get stained, the trick is to not get the powder damp and to let it dry again. You need to get in the shower and wash it all off at once (there are NO shower facilities available at the College on the day to do this!)

o Hair can get coloured by the coloured dye in the powder, especially blond hair. Again the trick is to not get it damp before you can just jump in the shower and wash it all out. Blonde hair is particularly prone to getting "stained" – this is easily avoided by taking a couple of easy steps

 Wear a cap or hat
 Put leave-in conditioner in hair before the run (this stops the colour "sticking")
 Wash hair as soon as possible after with shampoo

• Finally – the afternoon commences at 3.30pm (the time between 3pm and 3.30pm is for students to get changed) and finishes around 5.00pm

ALL money raised from Colour Fun goes to Project Compassion!

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